The intention of this work is to create a cultural shift to ecologically ethical behavior and to nourish integrated relationships with nature for the health of our earth.

Currently I have been combining a variety of my own adaptations of collage and acrylic paint techniques to create mixed media works. The resulting patchwork through multiple layers of dyed collage paper and found objects from the forest serve as a metaphor for the fragmentation and destruction of forests. The complexities of nature are broken down with the omission of detail, and replaced with simple forms comprised of introduced organic patterns to encourage a closer look at this subject.

Original art is often seen as a status symbol and purchased for investment.  As an artist I want my work to be valued for elevating the spirit, inspiring thought, and communicating a message. I am compelled to create work but I am also committed to volunteerism and environmental participation. I will continue to use my resources from the sale of art to promote environmental stewardship, especially conservation of forests.  I hope every painting is appreciated by those who are drawn to them and that the work ultimately sparks conversations.

When I work within the realms of nature I am reminded of all that is good and the way it should be.  I want others to see that there is so much humanity in the love of trees, forests, and our natural environment.

I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to enjoy my work and to those who now share a peice of it in their own private collections.

Linda Moskalyk