Events and Exhibitions

March 2016

Climate Warriors

Two Artists – Gibrán Tabash & Linda Moskalyk

Two Countries – Costa Rica & Canada

One united issue.

Our earth is warming.

This is a man made problem.

We can all make a difference if we choose.

This exhibition focuses on conservation of forests for the mitigation of the climate.

 Recognizing that forests are the lungs of the planet can lead us to make changes that will slow or halt deforestation. The impact on climate through

activities such as agriculture, palm oil plantations, logging, and mining can all be reduced by our consumer choices and better land-use policies for forest protection.

 The exhibition gives a voice to artists as agents of change to move the climate conversation in a new direction. Forests are essential for our survival and will be our climate warriors!


Exhibition National Gallery


Exhibition National Gallery4


 February- July 2012    I had 3 exhibitions with the series “Portraits of Survivors” – The National Gallery in San  Jose Costa Rica, The Meewasin Gallery in Saskatoon Canada, and The Hague Gallery in Regina Canada.  I would like to thank all those who came and shared their interest and enthusiasm for conservation of forests through this art project.